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Comments, requests, questions, concerns? Please consult the FAQ, and if your question is not answered, please email us: info@fishfrostbite.comOur customer service email is where all order and warranty concerns should be directed. If you are enquiring about an order, please provide your order number in your message. Please allow a few days for enquires to be responded to. We will get back to you as soon as we can!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: When will my order ship?/ Where is my order?
A: You will receive an email confirmation when you place your order, as well as when your order ships. Orders are currently taking 3-7 days to be fulfilled and shipped.
Fish Frostbite, unfortunately, cannot give location updates/shipping information beyond what is provided to us via the tracking number. If you have further questions regarding the shipment of your order, please contact the courier directly.
Q: I only received part of my order!
A: Rods, lures, and handle huggers may ship in separate packages. If you receive part of your order, please allow 2-3 additional days for the rest of your order to arrive.
Q: I’ve made a mistake on my cart can you change my order?
A: Unfortunately it is difficult because our warehouse works very fast to fulfill your order as soon as possible. We will do our best to catch it on time, but can not guarantee assistance with this. We highly recommend checking your orders thoroughly before finishing the purchase.
Q: Are your prices in USD or Canadian Dollars?
A: The prices on our American website are in USD and on our Canadian website they are in Canadian dollars. The shipping and warehouses are optimized for each, so you are best served and only able to buy from within your country.
Q: What is the difference between the Twilight, Vantablack, Medallion and Burnt rods?
A: The Twilight series is the updated version of our Burnt series. These rods have a reel seat and low profile stainless steel guides. The Vantablack series is the updated version of the Medallion series. They have a straight cork handle for minimum weight, and feature indestructible titanium RECOIL ICE guides that shed ice with a flick. The actions and powers are the same within each model, for example, a True Grit has the same curve regardless of whether you purchase a Twilight, Vantablack, Medallion or Burnt series version of this.
Q: When will __________ be coming back in stock?
A: As of right now here is what a rough forecast of products arriving looks like:
-Regular Dinner Bells: Mid/Late January
-Tantrums: Late January
-Apparel: There will be no new apparel restocking this ice season.
Past Sales and Promotions
Fish Frostbite reserves the right to only honour promotions for the dates in which they are advertised. Fish Frostbite will not reimburse/refund orders that were placed before or after a promotion. We appreciate your understanding.