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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I’ve made a mistake on my cart can you change my order?
A: Unfortunately, our warehouse works very fast to fulfill our orders and get your products out to you. We will do our best to catch it on time but no promises! We highly recommend checking your orders thoroughly before finishing the purchase.
Q: When will __________ be coming back in stock?
A: As of right now here is what a rough forecast of products arriving looks like! 
  • Apparel: Mid December
  • Plastics: Early December
  • Large Dinner Bells: End of November
  • Micro Tantrums: Mid December 
  • Rods: Mid December

Q: Are your prices in US or Canadian Dollars? 

A: All of our prices are listed in US currency. 

Q: What is the difference between the Medallion and Burnt lines? 

A: Our Medallion line features the same blank as the Burnt but with the highest quality components, recoil guides and a minimalist reel seat.